What happened to my colour!

What happened to my colour!

Did the poster you submitted look a look different in our gallery?

We received a few emails this year from people asking us why their posters looked so different in our gallery. After a bit of research, we found out that our web-site back end was doing some horrible things to peoples colours, however it was too late to make any changes. Basically, if you uploaded a CMYK version of your poster, the backend converted the colours into crazy disco bright websafe colours and thus, we got a bunch of posters looking very different from their originals.

We want all of our entrants to know that all of the posters were judged by viewing the jpeg. that you uploaded, not the online gallery version. This colour issue is something that we will have fixed for next year and we offer 1 millions apologies for it happening this year.


  1. Zaylin says:

    Good to see a telnat at work. I can’t match that.