Sex, Drugs & Helvetica Wrap Up

Sex, Drugs & Helvetica Wrap Up

“We are defiantly doing that again”, was the statement that was being thrown around by the Positive Posters team after we closed our first ever student conference last Friday arvo. For me, the highlight was just being able to meet and hang out with all of the people who engage with us on a daily basis on Twitter & Facebook. Meeting people in person = awesomeness.

Aside from a few annoying technical issues with videos, lighting and music, the day went really well. To say that we learned a lot would be an understatement. I remember turning to Zac half way through the day and saying something like, “Holy shit next year is going to be incredible!” There was lots of discussion back stage about all the things we could add to pack even more value and fun into the day.

We would all like to thank the speakers who kindly donated their time to come and share their knowledge and experiences with everyone. We couldn’t have done it with out you! Thanks!

There were thousands of photos taken throughout the day and some of them are now up on Facebook. Check them out.

Conference Overview PDF.
As promised, we will be emailing out a pdf. overview of the day including photos, summary’s of the presentations and a few other bits and pieces. We’re picking up the audio and video recording of the day tomorrow and then we will have to put it all together so it may take us a couple of weeks. The pdf. will also be available to be downloaded online for those of you who didn’t attend.

Will there be more?
A lot of people have been asking us if we are planning on doing any more and the short answer is yes. Next year we are going to hopefully hold a number of these events in Melbourne and potentially interstate. If you think you would be interested in helping us run one in your city, introduce yourself to and we can have a chat.

There has been lots of feedback coming through on Facebook and Twitter, but we want to hear more! Please let us know what you thought of they day good or bad, so we can work on improving it for next year.


  1. Louis says:

    looking forward to the next one!

  2. Han says:

    Amazing day, really motivating. went home and smashed out some homework! haha
    put all the photos uppp! :) pretty please and thankyouu

  3. Jeslyn says:

    Didn’t know the forum rules alloewd such brilliant posts.