PP x Society6 Store – Week 1

PP x Society6 Store – Week 1

Last week we announced that a selection of the last 4 years of entries would start appearing in our new Society6 store in an effort to raise funds for our organisation. The posters that appear in the store are chosen by either Tim, Leisha, Alex or myself. They are posters that stand out to us as favourites. Importantly, they don’t have to have been a finalist to be considered. There are many great posters that never made a top 30 that we think deserve a few more eyeballs.

Each week a new poster will be released (sign up to our mailing list on the home page for updates), along with an interview with the designer of the poster on our blog and the poster will be added to our Pinterest board.

The profits go to straight back to PP to help cover the ongoing costs of maintaining the organisation, with a small percentage going back to the designer or to Charity:Water if the choose.

I’ve been tasked with choosing the first poster to join out 4 winning posters for Week 1 of the new Society6 store.

For me the choice was simple. ‘Equalities of the Rainbow’, by Gracelle Mesina (Canada) is probably my favourite poster from the last 4 years. Equality to me is one of those things that should just be. I see no reason to discriminate between people at all. Gay or straight, black or white, large or skinny, it shouldn’t matter and I am increasingly frustrated when I see and hear examples of people being discriminated against in 2013.

I feel that as a society, we are moving towards a time where everyone is treated as an equal, but for now that isn’t the case.

Gracelle’s poster is exactly the kind of poster I always hoped PP would uncover.

I sent some questions to Gracelle last week about her and her poster. Read below.

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• View on Society6

Q1: 140 characters or less…tell us about yourself…

A passionate user-experience, interaction, identity and graphic designer, all humbly packaged into one.

Q2: What made you get into design?

In high school, I absolutely loved the fine arts and did everything from singing and theatre to painting and sculpture, but never really considered the digital aspect of making things until later. It started when I volunteered to design the tickets and posters to advertise one of my high school’s dances and I had to make it in Photoshop, which I only vaguely knew about at the time. After receiving mildly positive responses to my horribly designed stuff, I thought that, “Hey, maybe I could do this for a living.” And that was about seven years ago.

Q3: What did you study and how long have you been designing?

I am currently finishing up my bachelor’s in Interaction Design at the School of Interactive Arts + Technology at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. Disregarding my Photoshop attempts back in high school, I would say I’ve been designing since I started formal education in it in 2009.

Q4: Tell us about your 2012 entry Equalities of the Rainbow. What made you choose the topic?

I’ve always believed in equality. At the time I created the entry, one of my best friends, who I’ve grown up with, came out to me. Although we’re fortunate to live in a place that tolerates and celebrates LGBT, he was still struggling to find acceptance in more personal aspects of his life only because of the misconceptions that have been instilled in our cultures for centuries. Equalities of the Rainbow is a way to show support for my friend and for everybody else still fighting for equal rights.

Q5: Do you think we will ever have equal rights for everybody? Why or why not?

The optimistic part of me raises a fist to the sky and says yes. But will I be alive to see that? I truly hope so. The world is making great progress right now and as long as we don’t stop and keep the momentum going, it’s inevitable that we will reach that goal in no time.

Q6: What are you currently working on that you’d like to share with the PP community? 

Right now, I’m helping redesign a ride-sharing app for a local Vancouver startup called go2gether. Our goal is to increase the amount of people carpooling in our city and reduce the amount of cars on our roads. We’re hoping to launch our new and improved system sometime before the end of the summer!