Abhishek Desai

Hong Kong

Ideator, Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Box Collector!

2011 ENTRY

Say No To Plastic!

Say No To Plastic! In someway, we all have witnessed what debt can do to individuals, friends, families, organizations, institutions, companies, economies and even countries. Debt can be very stressful and Credit Card debt is one such global problem. Stay away from it.


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  2. Blaze says:

    My wife and I obtain our credit reports from each of the three major bureaus at least once each year. Invariably, we find accesses listed as “AR” (Account Review) by unknown or non-existent addresses. These are parties that have been provided our complete credit files with a complete list of each creditr card with the amount of current available credit. These have been determined in most cases to be identity thefts in progress. This can be verified by simply attempting to contact the firm listed and requesting verification and legitimacy of the inquiry. In the majority of the cases a non-existent telephone number will be listed along with a phoney address. Other examples will include using a previously closed credit card account number to access a credit files. In these cases the identity thief already has a current, valid credit card account number for the victim and he’s looking for the amount of typical available credit the account holder is maintaining so that he can max it out before the victim or the card-issurer is aware of it. We are planning on a press release detailing recent examples of this to encourage everyone to review their credit files. (Most states now require the bureaus to provide a copy once a year at no cost.) Be very aware of the various “free credit report” advertising as there is always a costly gimmick attached and we have found what is implied as advertised is rarely what the consumer gets. If you wish an e-mailed copy of our press release – due out about November 5th please e-mail us at: Sincerely, Ken & Karen Benner nexium propecia

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