David Foster



Australian graphic designer from Sydney with a fetish for letters. Attending KABK Type&Media Masters in 2012. Winner of Design NSW Travelling Scholarship 2011.

2011 ENTRY

Black and White

Black and White This poster is about equality. The type reads as back, but when you rotate the poster it says white. They are the same. The intention is to be printed on mass and plastered in alternating orientations so that the row would says black white. Two posters from 1 design and extremely cheap to produce.


  1. joannajelly says:


  2. Aaron Gillett says:

    Brilliant work.

  3. Bitaki says:

    as a past graphic deginser who is also hoping to follow in your footsteps as a children's book illustrator, I find it so interesting that you link your poster design approach to your book page layouts and also probably why they are so visually strong. Love your poster designs and fascinating how things come full circle as 40's and 50's designs and colourways are really in vogue at the moment. You will never go out of fashion Eric:)

  4. Marcos says:

    I think movie posters are an art on their own, they could be relaly influential nowadays for the internet users on the decission of picking a movie. I mean, ib4m too lazy sometimes to look for the sum up and ib4m an extremely visual person, so the cover of the movie says a lot to me.Great post!xx

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