Hayley Rogers



2012 ENTRY

Anit Fur

Anit Fur


  1. Hayley says:

    Rationale Using animals as fur clothing is not only cruel but is sending particular species of animals into threat of being endangered. I thought that the best way to illustrate this issue was to choose an animal that most people love and can relate to. Dogs are almost always seen as lovable pets and ‘mans best friend’ so I felt that they were appropriate. To execute my idea I decided to hand draw it and use watercolour to render it. I drew a ‘fashionable’ lady with no face to show that some people don’t care that they’re wearing dead animals and to make her look like she is a cold and vain person. The dog that is laying beside her has been skinned, hence the light pink colour that I gave it, with a pool of blood beside it to make it more obvious that it has been skinned and used for clothing. I also added blood dripping from the shawl to link the dog and the fur.