Abhishek Desai

Hong Kong

Ideator, Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Box Collector!

2011 ENTRY

Stop Buying. Stop Killing.

Stop Buying. Stop Killing. 30 years ago the elephant population of Africa, stood at a healthy 3 million. Today less than 250000 remain, with numbers poised to decline further. As long as there is a market for carved Ivory trinklets, the elephants will continue to be cruelly killed for their teeth. The survival of the largest land mammal on earth depends on you. Stop buying. Stop killing. I dedicate this poster to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for the amazing work they doing in wildlife protection and conservation!


  1. perpoto says:

    superbly conveyed the message,i can see the elephant head saying please live n let live

  2. Abhishek says:

    Thank you papa. Your comment reminds me of an african quote that says "until lions don't learn to write, hunters will tell their story for them".

  3. ugg says: