Ryan Bosse

United States


2011 ENTRY

Children's Buying power

Children's Buying power Big corporate brands have recently become infatuated with marketing towards the most innocent and vulnerable audience there is, children. Children are being told what to where, what to eat, and how to live at younger and younger ages. To illustrate this concept i Took a couple of the biggest brands geared towards children and made it as if they were the doctors, nurses and audience helping, the first ones that the babies see. The style is to say that their motives for the baby may not be thebest


  1. ur mom says:

    you hate legos?

  2. jessica says:

    clever and well executed

  3. i am me says:

    i think this is great since well it is true buying power for children is high so marketers are trying to get all the cash they can from this group of consumers... yet these "consumers" don't even know they are being advertised to. Its quite sad really the amount of messages a kid is hit with a day is in the 400's.

  4. Marty says:

    Hey, good to find someone who argees with me. GMTA.

  5. thnhcq says:

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