Christopher Sousa Ebels


Twitter @ebels


2011 ENTRY

The Real Carbon Tax

The Real Carbon Tax A poster serving to remind people of the continuing impact we all have by the simple act of plugging in. Renewable energy is something we can't procrastinate or ignore.


  1. Ryan Cowan says:

    This I feel is the strongest of the lot thus far. It's conceptually fantastic.

  2. Caz says:

    Wow! this is such a strong image. it caught my eye in the gallery immediately. Stunning.

  3. beau says:

    This stands out. It presents a clear and succinct message, and is very relevant to current Australian interests. Whether people agree with the message is irrelevant. I think it fills all the criteria and is probably the strongest entry among the finalists. Unless the judges are looking for something even more "simplistic".

  4. Chris Sousa Ebels says:

    Wow! Thanks guys and congratulations to everyone who entered it was a stellar year :)

  5. Abhishek desai says:

    Congratulations Chris on winning the competition. Very well executed message. Cheers!!

  6. Sophie Burns says:

    Congratulations Christopher! This one was my favourite and I'm happy you won :)

  7. Woo Jin says:

    Congratulations! Your poster is great. Nice work.

  8. greg says:

    Meh. It's a great design but I feel like it's not going to be as effective as some of the other more powerful messages that I have seen in the competition. Very nice idea though.

  9. pouya golestaneh says:

    great design Congratulations ,, regard pouya golestaneh

  10. karl says:

    Another Government scam site!!!!!! Everything coming out of the chimneys is water vapor. So don't scam the public you fascist Nazis!! Cheers wake up Aussie fast or your liberty's and freedoms are gone!

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