Ivan Dilberovic





2011 ENTRY

High five for nuclear energy

High five for nuclear energy This sarcastic poster communicates problems which are real and surround us already. Attempt to ignore them for the wealth of individuals is wrong concept and should be changed.


  1. Jeremy says:

    Oh wow that's my fucking favourite!

  2. Grzegorz Cofta says:

    I love it! Pure, simple, a bit funny. Well done sir.

  3. anTR00 says:

    perfect <3

  4. Shuba says:

    Wooohooo frende simple simple

  5. Ivan Dilberovic says:

    Thank you all for your comments.

  6. Mia&Josipa&Lana says:

    This wonderful piece of art must have been made by an amazing artist! :D

  7. Mia&Josipa&Lana says:

    P.S. dobra slika ─Éibo! ;)

  8. Salomon says:

    is that you tommy did you forget to sign into the right acnuoct, shit how many acnuocts have you got in your efforts to promote LDR to the public, it's not a conspiracy it's just PR. By the way are you sure you have your facts right on Marilyn because you would know wouldn't you, I mean you would personally know exactly what happened because you wouldn't just believe anything you were told ..would you?

  9. eovctrwl says:

    edtrAm wptmfmwamgcg

  10. Chamomile says:

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  11. Visa Manila says:

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