I am a student of Graphic design from Melbourne OZ. I run my own t-shirt business and online store.


2011 ENTRY

Don't Kill (live music)

Don't Kill (live music) I love live music in any form. Lets keep these hard working individuals and bands creating what the love and we love to listen to. We take it for granted sometimes with all digital forms of music available to us at a push of a button that music in it's live raw state is bloody magical. Don't kill it! Go see some tonight!


  1. Pete says:

    The hand on this is traced directly from the Tom Robinson Band's cover for their album 'Power in the Darkness' and the noose idea is taken directly from the Save Live Australian Music campaign. It doesn't look terrible, but some originality would be nice.

  2. Stevie says:

    thanks Pete. I have No idea who the guy is from the album. The fist was taken from the black panther's in the sixties and became a symbol of power and rebellion. Your right about the noose. The concept it based around that poster. Thank you. I'm not trying to invent the wheel but make a statement of how i feel.