What on earth is a Motherbird? That’s a very good question. One thing is for sure, it’s not a spaceship, which is very common misconception. The true beginning of Positive Posters can be traced back to an impromptu meeting on a Friday night in April 2009. We had sent out text messages, tweets and Facebook messages inviting friends and friends of friends to come to an office to talk about a new project that we were working on and to enjoy some free beers. In one corner stood three very trendy looking guys who seemed to be taking an interest in what we were saying. I knew that one of them was Jack Mussett, 1/3 of a studio called Motherbird that had formed only a few months earlier. We had a chat to the guys after our presentation and they agreed to help us design the identity for the project as well as help us with all of our print and web design. They rest as they say is history. We have been working with Chris, Dan and Jack for 3 years now and they continue to provide us with all of our print and web design requirements and we thank them for it.

They are truly a talented bunch of guys and are doing big big things in the Australian design scene. Go and say hello and thank them for us!