Hobart, Adelaide, Brisbane

Hobart, Adelaide, Brisbane

Well after a 2.5 hour delay, Caz and I finally made it back from Adelaide. Yesterday we flew into South Australia to present PP to the 3rd year UNI SA students. The presentation was one of the best we have done. I am hoping that we get a bunch of entries from there.

Adelaide makes our second inter-state trip for the week. On Sunday we flew down to Hobart to speak to the 3rd year students at UTAS. The art and design collage is beautiful. I really should have take some photos. It sits on the water and the building is an old jam factory. Hugh thick wooden beams with matching steel work, hold up the building. The room we presented in looked like an amazing studio apartment complete with old weathered brick walls. Not a bad place to get creative.

The only other interstate trip we have planned is up to Brisbane on the 10th August. At this stage we am still confirming the places we are speaking at. Fingers crossed for nice weather.

In other news, it looks like we will be exhibiting the 2010 PP exhibition in Brisbane in early October. (more details to come)



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