Final Hours

Final Hours

Hello everyone,

Just a quick note to remind everyone that the deadline for entering is tomorrow (Friday) at 5:00pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time).

There have been some incredible entreis this year, and if this year goes anything like last year, we will get even more overnight and tomorrow.

For those of you who have already entered, thank you. For those who are making last minute changes, we know the feeling well, keep going!

To everyone, best of luck and thanks so much for taking the time to get involved.

- Nick

PS. If you have any issues submitting posters, you can email Zac ( or let us know on Facebook or Twitter.


  1. sepideh says:

    “Urmia Lake”in Iran is the most saltish in the world. That life is going in.
    But afew years is in danger of drying up of water.
    salt and dust of lake is much more dangerous than mity whether of Iran
    and Its neighboring contries will be threatend.
    While I think part of the water of dams around the lake can be pumped
    and has been fertilized by the clould and create rain cloulds and rain
    causing artificial geographical disaster was prevented.
    The poster image of a map of Urmia Lake in Iran have shown that is now
    drying up and the only thing left is a hole of water and this is a big
    warning to the Irans people and its neighbors./

  2. ali javaher says:

    I’m participating in the festival.
    This festival is truly a great sympathy for the plight of those who have suffered any kind in the world.

  3. mohammad reza rasooli says:

    Please send work to renew for another day.