Aussie Aussie Aussie?!

Aussie Aussie Aussie?!

1500+ entries. 70+ countries. 30 finalists and 21 were from Australia…What happened?!

We have received a few emails and seen a couple of comments across the social networks commenting on the number of Australian’s that were shortlisted this year. So we thought we might have our say on things.

Firstly, it is complete chance that there were 21 Australian’s in the top 30. The shortlisting process is a very long one that does not allow the people shortlisting to know the names of the designer or the country of origin. The only information that is available is the poster and the rationale. I was as surprised as everyone else to see so many Australian’s in the final 30.

So the next question is why so many Aussies? I think the simple answer is, because more Aussies entered. The entry stats are yet to be complied, but it’s safe to say that Australia was heavily represented and probably for one good reason. We asked for it. 
In 2010 we actively sought entries from all over Australia. I personally flew to Hobart (Tasmania), Adelaide (South Australia) and Brisbane (Queensland), speaking to multiple design collages and hundreds of students about the competition, with the hope that they would enter. AGDA (Australian graphic design industry body) promoted us through their networks as did most of our Australian sponsors. All of this led to lots more Aussie entries and a higher quality of entries.

If you look back to last years competition, of the 339 entries, 18 of the finalists were from Australia with the rest of the finalists being made up of posters from USA, Brazil, Israel, Slovakia, Poland, Canada and the UK.

As the competition continues to grow internationally, I’m sure we will start to see more and more international entries appearing in the top 30.

I hope that clears everything up and that everyone understand that it is pure chance that the Aussies are so well represented this year.

Looking forward to finding out who wins. Just over a week now!


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    Super jzaezd about getting that know-how.