2011 Winners!

2011 Winners!

Last night at our exhibition I had the pleasure of announcing that Christopher Sousa Ebels from Australia was awarded first place in the 2011 Positive Posters competition. Christopher’s entry, “The Real Carbon Tax”, was chosen by our panel of judges as the winning poster out of over 2,500 entries. Second place was given to Dee Choi from Australia with “McVegetables” and third place went to Anita Wasik from Poland with her entry “Corporate Abuse”.

For their efforts, Christopher will have 3,000 copies of his poster printed and pasted up on the streets of Australian cities Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide while also receiving $1,500AUD and $1,500AUD that will go to a charity of his choice. Second place, Dee Choi, will receive a Wacom Intuos 4 Tablet and third placed Anita Wasik, will receive a prize pack from Safari Living.

On behalf of myself, Zac, Tenielle, and the rest of the Positive Posters community, we would like to congratulate these three amazing designers, this year’s Top 30 and all of the designers who took part in this years competition. The quality again was outstanding, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be releasing photos of the distribution, photos of the exhibition, some statistical breakdowns of the year and also some information about what we have planned for next year.

But for now, thank you for you support for another year, and congratulations to Christopher, Dee and Anita.

- Nick

Positive Posters, 2011 Winner by Christopher Ebels

Positive Posters, 2011 Winner by Christopher Ebels

Positive Posters 2011 Second Place by Dee Choi

Positive Posters 2011 Second Place by Dee Choi

Positive Posters 2011 Third Place by Anita Wasik

Positive Posters 2011 Third Place by Anita Wasik


  1. thecreativebridge says:

    Awesome to see such great work again this year! Couldn’t make it to the party (had other boring adult things to do).

    With so many entrants and from different countries it would be amazing if there could be more than one winning poster worldwide…

    I don’t know how you choose! There were so many lovely ones…

    All the best for next year. Look forward to it.

  2. Andrew Walker says:

    Big shout out to Christopher for winning. (apart From my own poster) His poster had my vote. I had family at the event who reported great things about the night. Shame i was in freezing cold London.

    Thanks to positive poster for the top 30 slot. hopefully i will be there again next year.

    Keep drawing peeps.

    Andrew Walker UK.

  3. Greg Jackson says:

    I think Dee Choi’s entry really meets the brief of a ‘positive’ poster. It makes a statement and provides a positive solution in one. Well done all.