2011 Judges

2011 Judges

This is a well overdue blog post. Below are the names of our judges and a link to their own page on our site. Their job is a tough one; to choose a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place from the top 30 shortlisted finalists entries. Here they are”

Adam Hunt (Australia)
Christopher Doyle (Australia)
Nitzan Hermon (USA)
Wang Xu (China)
Wanye Hemingway (UK)

Visit to see their lovely faces and read their bios.

We would like say a big thank you to all 5 of them for helping us out this year! Cheers guys.

Adam Hunt

Christopher Doyle

Wang Xu


Wayne Hemingway



  1. Katja says:

    Amazing judges this year, as expected. How absolutely nerve-wracking. Think I might submit another poster before the week is out!

    Will PP be at Semi-P?

  2. Nick Hallam says:

    Would love to see another one!

    Ahhh maybe, I have a ticket, but not sure if I can get there.

  3. Greg says:

    Don’t you think the judges of the Poster competition should actually be involved in designing ‘Social’ posters? Or actively involved in Designing projects that fit in line with the theme ‘proactive in shaping important issues’?

    • nick says:

      That’s a fair point Greg. I think it’s important that our judges are proven and successful visual communicators first and foremost because this is essentially what they are judging. That is, a persons ability to clearly communicate a message to a wide audience.

      While it would defiantly be an advantage to have experience in producing posters with that have a positive social intent, it is not vital. All of our judges are experiences designers who we think are very able to asses this years posters!

  4. Stuart Holmes says:

    A great selection of Judges. Although I’m not sure the very talented Wayne Hemingway would appreciate being called ‘Wanye’ as you have done on your official judge list at the top of this posting!….. :)

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